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Recommendation of Dr. Korovin by Dr. Gould’s Family

Recommendation of Dr. Korovin by Dr. Gould's Family

Dr. Wilber James Gould was a renowned voice specialist who treated famous singers and speakers including Frank Sinatra, President John. F. Kennedy and Luciano Pavarotti. He selected Dr. Gwen Korovin to join his practice as an associate and then as a partner. When Dr. Gould passed away suddenly in 1994, Dr. Korovin took over the practice . At that time, Dr. Gould’s wife wrote a recommendation to patients outlining why her husband had chosen Dr. Korovin to succeed him. A few excerpts from the note written by Maureen Gould include:

“Dr. Gwen S. Korovin … was his {Dr. Gould’s) personal choice to be his successor. Jim trusted Gwen to continue to provide the special kind and caring treatment to which his patients had become accustomed … he afforded Gwen the opportunity of working directly with him in both the office and the operating room. Jim felt that Gwen’s skills were such that he could entrust her with his practice.”

“Jim selected Gwen, as his hand-picked successor, and I am proud to have her assume this special practice … I hope you will join me in continuing to use Dr. Gwen S. Korovin as your otolaryngologist.”