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Professional Voice Care

Professional Voice Care

Dr. Gwen S. Korovin is a trusted throat specialist who treats actors and singers of all genres and at all levels from amateur to world famous. Her skill in professional voice care has drawn top singers to her practice from Celine Dion to Ariana Grande, Mick Jagger and Patti LuPone, to name a few. She also provides great care to attorneys, broadcasters, teachers and others who use voice in their professional lives.

In the New York theater community, Dr. Korovin is known for hurrying to Broadway dressing rooms to help worried singers between matinee and evening performances. And her patients appreciate her dedication. On receiving her Grammy in 1999, Celine Dion made a point of thanking Dr. Korovin. Patti LuPone has called her “the patron saint of Broadway singers.”

"Thank you for healing!" - James Earl Jones

“Thank you for healing!”
James Earl Jones

Dr. Korovin’s office walls are lined with signed pictures of celebrity patients. But she also welcomes young singers and non-professionals who want the best in vocal care. “I take care of everybody, not just the stars,” she says. “It’s a very rewarding specialty, because most things I see in my patients are treatable and I can make them better.”

Among the conditions Dr. Korovin treats are:

Acute laryngitis.

Chronic laryngitis.

Vocal cord nodules, polyps and cysts. 

– Laryngopharyngeal reflux issues.

– Swallowing disorders.

– Throat pain.

Dr. Korovin knows that conservative care can often help singers the most. On several occasions she’s suggested simple rest for the voice. “That can get tricky with managers, agents and producers all getting involved,” she says. “But the patient’s health is the most important thing to me.”

Dr. Korovin has been a clinical assistant professor at New York University School of Medicine and been an attending physician at Lenox Hill Hospital and its Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. A Brooklyn native, she first became interested in otolaryngology because she wanted to better understand the hearing loss experienced by her father (a player for the original New York Knicks and member of The City College Basketball Hall of Fame).

After medical school and residency, she joined the New York practice of Dr. Wilbur James Gould, a world renowned throat specialist whose patients included Luciano Pavarotti, Frank Sinatra and President John F. Kennedy.  After Dr. Gould passed away in 1994, many of his patients continued to see Dr. Korovin. (Read the letter from Dr. Gould’s family recommending Dr. Korovin after his passing.)

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She combines her medical knowledge of these conditions with a true understanding of how worrisome a vocal problem can be to a professional singer. “Performers are extremely protective of their vocal instruments, often worried that they have something more serious that could impact their careers,” she says.  She provides a unique combination of understanding and compassion that’s provided peace of mind to many of her patients.

Some thank-you’s from well-known patients:

For Doctor Korovin - Thanks for saving me again and again." Lin-Manuel MirandaFor Doctor Korovin – Thanks for saving me again and again.”
Lin-Manuel Miranda


“To Gwen – Thank you for healing me…I forever remain a fan and in your debt!” Brooke Shields

“To Gwen – Thank you for healing me…I forever remain a fan and in your debt!”
Brooke Shields

Ariana Grande

Daniel Radcliffe

Kristin Chenoweth

Patrick Stewart

Celine Dion

Phil Collins

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