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Acute Laryngitis Treatment in New York

Acute Laryngitis Treatment in New York

Acute laryngitis may not present a big issue for most of us, as it’s a voice problem that often resolves after a few weeks. But for a singer, actor, pubic speaker, teacher, attorney or any other professional voice user, the temporary voice loss it brings can be truly frightening. Dr. Korovin is a New York ENT voice specialist with a long track record in helping professional singers and speakers minimize the threat that acute laryngitis might pose to their ability to perform.

Laryngitis often results from too much strain being placed on the voice by actors, singers or speakers who perform day in and day out. It can cause a raspy, breathy or strained sound. Long term overuse of the voice can cause not only prolonged hoarseness, but vocal nodules or polyps.

A Variety of Causes

Acute laryngitis can also be brought on by viral infections like a cold or flu, acid reflux, excessive smoking or too much alcohol consumption. And its symptoms can go beyond simple hoarseness to difficulty swallowing, a tickling in the throat or shortness of breath. Viral infections can irritate the vocal cords and the tissue surrounding them, sometimes resulting in a total loss of the voice for a time.

It’s important to seek treatment from a voice doctor for the condition because left alone, it can sometimes develop into more serious chronic laryngitis. Dr. Korovin uses a variety of cutting-edge diagnostic tools to determine the exact cause of voice problems brought on by laryngitis.

Although some cases may call for treatment with antibiotics or steroids, one of the most effective approaches for healing a strained voice is often simple rest. Dr. Korovin has helped some of the world’s best-known professional singers and speakers recover by taking a short break from work. She’s often been an advocate for her patients’ needs to managers, agents, producers and others who can be resistant to a performer taking time off. She also helps many young aspiring singers learn the right habits to manage their vocal cord problems and voice change issues.

Medical treatments for voice problems can occasionally include a vasoconstrictor to reduce swelling or an injection of steroids, which can give a high level of relief for about a day.

Other Causes of Acute Laryngitis

Nasal airway obstruction can result from a deviated septum, allergies, enlarged turbinates or an underlying sinus disease. Each of them can cause the voice user to use too much diaphragmatic pressure, which can lead to vocal problems. If mucus from the nose drops down into the throat and it becomes thick, it can prevent the vocal cords from moving freely or meeting well. The singer may feel unwanted variations in pitch or even completely miss certain notes.

It’s critical for a professional speaker or singer to get a proper diagnosis from an ENT vocal specialist who can prescribe the right treatment. The doctor will determine whether the problem results from nodules, swelling or more serious hemorrhaging of the cords. Dr. Korovin will then recommend the conservative treatment that will help to avoid any permanent damage to the voice.

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